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FREE Trial30 day trial of the latest version 2

How to Install

This application includes full install/uninstall. Unzip and run the contents of the downloaded zip file to install on your hard drive. Both the installer and the software are code signed by Northwest Performance Software, Inc. with SHA1 and SHA256 for your protection. Do not use unsigned software. There is no trial for the USB Version.

Full installation instructions are here. Uninstall instructions are here.

Downloading or Unzipping Problems?
VirusTotal Anti-Virus Report

The download links go to two different sites - if one does not work, try the other. The file size of spm278.zip is exactly 10,493,824 bytes. Did you get a different size when downloading with your usual web browser? Try again using a different web browser.
Virustotal.com report on v2.78 released November 8, 2017
Virustotal.com report on v2.77.2 released September 26, 2017

Are you upgrading from v1.x to v2.x?

It's a one way upgrade - you cannot go back to v1.x unless you restore a pre-upgrade version of spmap.db3. Once you move to v2.x, you need to stay there or try v2.x on another machine.

Trial Extension - do you need more evaluation time?

If you need a trial extension beyond the automatic 30 day trial, please contact us.