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This Support Page has links to many questions and answers you may have. Start with the common problems page if you are having trouble getting the switch to map.

PLEASE - if you have a problem, always be sure you are on the most current version before contacting us.

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We have many videos demonstrating how to use the software with different switches on this page.
Look for your switch or similar switch model in our Switch Compatibility List. Even if your switch is not on the list, please try the switch and tell us what happens. This is a list of switches the application has been tested with.
Review the Upgrade Page. Warning: if you are moving from v1.x to v2.x, this is a one way upgrade - the software makes changes to the user database that cannot be reversed and it is not a free upgrade.
This software was developed on Windows 10 x64.
If your IOS is Version 15.0(1)EX3, the duplex mode information is not being reported correctly by the switch. The dot3StatsDuplexStatus always returns a value of '1' (unknown). The solution is to upgrade IOS. Please review this Cisco bug report.
Router/Server 1 or 2: No, it only reads out tables like the ARP table. You are not even allowed to enter SNMP 1 or 2c write community name.

Switch under examination: Yes, it is possible to change the MIB2 sysName, sysContact and sysLocation. You can also turn off a port. You must enter the 'write' privileges community name. The way to change sysName, sysContact and sysLocation is to map the switch, then right click and select Properties of this Switch. Then press Change Information in Switch, change the fields and press Change. If you have the correct privileges, it will change. Turning on and off a port is similar, map the switch, then click on a row corresponding to a port. Then right click and select Disable Selected Port. Be careful - especially turning off ports.
We have found that a standard Windows command prompt works best. Users have reported problems using it in Powershell.
This is due to the resolver watchdog timer hitting a limit that is found in left control panel/Global Settings/DNS Warning Time. This value used to be 120 seconds - the new default is 360 seconds as of v2.63. You should change it to a higher number if you see the timeout message.

The Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3. We strongly recommend using the software in SNMPv2c (or v1) mode first to verify that it actually maps your switch. SNMPv3 requires detailed settings that must exactly match on the switch and in the settings for this software.

We use the latest Webroot and MalwareBytes to check the installer and the installed executable files. We also submit each release to VirusTotal.com and the VirusTotal report is on the download page.

Please submit false positive reports to us here.

IPv4 addresses are resolved using a Windows API function that does a PTR record request using the IP address as input. You must have a valid DNS assigned by DHCP or statically assigned - check your DNS with command line ipconfig -a. The DNS needs to have a PTR record for the IP address or you will get nothing.

If the DNS request fails, the API usually attempts to contact the device directly with a NetBIOS over TCP/IP node status request. If that works, the Windows computer name is returned. NetBIOS over TCP/IP must be enabled - locate the network connection, right click and select Properties. The click to highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and press the Properties button. Press the Advanced button on the General tab. Select the WINS tab and Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP. Then press OK twice to exit then press Close.
Highly recommend downloading the latest version. This was fixed in 2.71. Version 2.70 loads libeay32.dll which has a VC++ 2013 x86 runtime dependency. The 0xc00007b error means it is trying to load the x64 runtime library and the library is misconfigured. The msvcr120.dll missing error means the runtime library is not installed. In either case, the solution is to download the x86 VC++ 2013 x86 runtime library installer and let it correct the problems. Download the x86 installer (vcredist_x86.exe) from Microsoft and run it:


Our installer includes this runtime library and starts it if we detect that it is not installed. We cannot, however, detect a misconfigured installation so you may not have had the opportunity to use the runtime library installer when you installed the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool.
This page explains why it is important to activate LLDP on your attached devices where possible.

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