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Import the List of Devices from a Text File

Before you start: Create a list of SNMP enabled devices and save it in a plain ASCII text file (not UNICODE). This list can consist of only switches if you so desire.
Each row in the text file consists of switch IP, device hostname, snmp version, community name - note there are no spaces after the commas in this example although spaces are allowed in the hostname:,SW-N20-61-97,2,SWITCH-V2-RO,SW-N20-61-94,2,SWITCH-V2-RO,SW-N20-61-95,2,SWITCH-V2-RO,SW-N20-61-96,2,SWITCH-V2-RO,SW-N22-0-5,SWITCH-V2-RO,SW-N22-0-6,2,SWITCH-V2-RO

Procedure to begin the import is shown below. (click on the images on this page for a larger versions)

Getting to the import SNMP devices from text file

Locating the Device Import window and starting the import.

On the left side menu bar locate and click on 'Switch Lists' (1), then 'Device Settings Editor' (2), then 'Import Devices' (3), click on the folder (4) and navigate to your text file to import. Click on 'Start Import' (5) to begin.

Once the import is complete - unless there are errors which will be shown in a message window - you will see the list of devices in the SNMP Enabled Device Settings Editor. When the import was done it also automatically created a list of Switch Groups which are what a Switch List is actually comprised of. A Switch Group is the Switch plus any optional Router/Server 1 or 2 entries you have. Those optional SNMP enabled devices are recommended if you only have layer 2 switches (ie. they only work at the mac address level).

Next Step: Creating a New Switch List

Creating a new Switch List

1. Creating a New Switch List

On the left side menu bar locate and press 'Switch Lists', then 'Create New Switch List', name your Switch List (note: the name cannot be changed later), then press 'Add New Group'.

Selecting the switch groups for the list.

2. Selecting the Switch Groups for the Switch List

Multiselection is easily done with shift key or control key. When done with the items for the list press OK.

Finalize editing the Switch List.

3. Finalize Editing the Switch List

Move Layer 3 switches and switches with Router/Server 1/2 entries to the top of the list by selecting and using move up/down, verify there are no duplicates and press OK to save the list.

How to Map the Switch List Manually

Map the Switch List now.

Mapping the Switch List

From the Switch Lists window, click and highlight the Switch List, then press Map Selected List Now. The progress will be shown in the grid and on the lower bar below the grid. A popup will notify you when the list is complete. If any switches cannot be accessed, a warning will come up - pressing Cancel during the warning will STOP the Switch List mapping process.